Unify your chats from Social Media with Powerful chat commerce tools

Manage chats from Social Media in one place

Manage chats from Facebook, Instagram, and LINE through an all-in-one system. Zaapi allows you to easily reply to your messages without missing a single notification.

Admin Access and Collaboration

Respond to chats faster by inviting your assistants to work as a team, with the options to assign roles and more!

Zaapi helps you to easily store your customer’s information using CRM

Zaapi also helps you store your customer’s information with ease using a CRM. Additionally, you can assign tags to each chat which makes it easier to identify customers as you’re chatting with them.

รายงานยอดขาย โปรแกรมตอบแชทลูกค้า

Automated checkout process to request payment directly in chat

When it comes to closing a sale, Zaapi provides an automated checkout process to request payment directly in chat.

Wide variety of payment methods

Your customers can select a wide variety of payment methods, including PromptPay, Mobile Banking, credit or debit cards, and many more.

Manage your inventory and view sales reports

After making a sale, you can also manage your inventory and view sales reports within Zaapi.

Sell easily through social media apps with Zaapi

And, if you want a website to build credibility for your store, Zaapi lets you build a website and start selling for free! Where you can add as many products and collections as you want on your store.

Here’s what our users had to say!

เจ้าของร้านอาหาร Sole Mio

"Zaapi looks very manageable and user-friendly. Plus, Zaapi doesn't charge any commission fees to use the service."

Manager at Sole Mio Restaurant
เจ้าของร้านขายผลิตภัณฑ์อาหารเสริม ช็อปไอค่อน

"Zaapi is by far the easiest eCommerce app to use. I've tried many other platforms before, but they're very complicated and have so many limitations."

Owner at Shop Icon
เจ้าของร้านก๋วยเตี๋ยว 20

"Zaapi really helps small businesses like mine,
as they don't charge any commission fees (GP) to operate."

Owner at 20 baht Noodle Shop

“Out of all the solutions we’ve looked into, Zaapi is by far our favorite. We love how user-friendly and powerful it is!”

Owner at Chidahp Publishing
Zaapi makes it easier to close your sales in chats.