Image Selection Features Enabled | Zaapi Updates | September 22nd, 2021

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February 25, 2022

Stabilizing the Ship! 🔨

Updates from Zaapi on September 22nd, 2021

New Features

  • Big one coming... stay tuned!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Image upload is updated in iphone with image selection from documents folder enabled
  • Bug where stock was not updating issue fixed
  • Image upload issues on both Android and iOS fixed with support of all image file formats
  • Issue with 0.5 KM radius selection fixed
  • Bug where can't scroll thorough recent orders fixed
  • App freeze on Delivery profile update issue fixed
  • App freeze when payment details updated issue fixed
  • UI issue where sixth line of description was getting cropped is fixed
  • Can't open share dialog in iOS app when trying to share products issue fixed
  • UI issue "Verification Email Sent" popup overlapping the "SAVE" button fixed
  • Infinite loading issue fixed
  • Thai language issue fixed
  • Fixed UI issue on multiple places inside the app
  • Search feature and search UI updated
  • Discount eligibility issue fixed
  • Disabled creation of negative price products
  • Issue while adding products fixed
  • Added regex where some characters are disabled as part of store links
  • Order summary issues fixed
  • Allowed pull to refresh for empty products list
  • Business time issue fixed
  • Fixed cannot change end date discount bug
  • Add a go back on order list when cancel order
  • Allow to clear quantity in discount screen
  • Fix add/edit discount issues
  • Changing categories multiple times, logs user out bug on buyer web fixed
  • Product photo displaying upside down on buyer web issue fixed
  • Can't add variants, product description when creating a new product from the onboarding steps in seller app issue fixed
  • Crash app when click on view detail discount issue fixed
  • Cannot get address auto filled from google maps issue fixed
  • Product Category is not displayed in Products screen issue fixed on Android
  • Cannot add and update product when variant has option priced =0 issue fixed
  • Not showing category image after uploaded when editing category products seller app issue fixed

If there are any issues, please feel free to contact us directly in the app. If you would like to contact the team directly, please see the 3 channels below.

Facebook Page: Zaapi Thailand

Line Official: @zaapi (with @)


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