Shakebugs added to assist in reporting issues directly from the App | Zaapi Updates | August 9th, 2021

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February 25, 2022

Faster, Higher, Stronger 💪

Updates from Zaapi on August 9th, 2021

New Features

  • Merged the Create Store and Login Screens into 1 to make store creation and login more seamless
  • Added Shakebugs so our Beta users can report issues directly from the app
  • Provided a better customer support experience to the Zaapi team with an admin version of the app
  • Added F&B/E-Commerce store mode selection during registration

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • QR download in new Android OS not working issue fixed
  • If permission is denied for media by user, user was not shown any message when he tries again, this issue was fixed
  • Product Image cannot be uploaded when camera icon clicked issue fixed
  • View your order detail link sent via SMS was not working. SMS content has been trimmed for the link to always display fully
  • Product state offline/online unstable state issue fixed
  • Crash fixed when opening camera while adding product description issue fixed
  • Thai language issues fixed on multiple screens
  • Login by LINE issue fixed on the buyer web portal
  • Address not shown in order details page issue fixed
  • Some Zip Codes were not getting recognised on the buyer web portal - we fixed that
  • Removed confirmation dialog on profile form that would trigger even when nothing was edited
  • Fixed a bug where user cannot checkout in some non-F&B stores
  • Wrong business hours were shown for some businesses - we fixed that
  • Fixed some UI issues on analytics on home page
  • Price of variants were not added to the price of products at checkout issue - we fixed that
  • Fixed an issue where the radius verification banner showed up on the buyer web despite the delivery radius being set to “domestic”
  • A lot of UI improvements

If there are any issues, please feel free to contact us directly in the app. If you would like to contact the team directly, please see the 3 channels below.

Facebook Page: Zaapi Thailand

Line Official: @zaapi (with @)


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