F&B &
E-Commerce Modes

Are you a restaurant selling food or a regular ecommerce seller? With our F&B and Ecommerce modes, Zaapi guarantees you an experience tailored to your needs as a seller.

Selecting Between Zaapi E-Commerce and F&B Modes

During registration, you can set your store to E-Commerce or F&B Mode. Simply select your preference and you're ready to go!

Note: this setting cannot be changed later so make sure you pick the mode that best suits your business!

Tracking Inventory

In E-Commerce Mode, you track inventory for each product and product variant.

In F&B Mode, simply use the toggle to mark items as available or out of stock - more suitable for F&B where you're dealing with fast-changing levels of stock!

Creating Product Variants

In E-Commerce Mode, you set the stock and price of each individual product variant. You can add up to 2 variant categories per product (e.g. colour, size).

In F&B Mode, you set price extras and availability for each variant - this data is synced across all products that the variant category applies to. You also choose the min and max number of choices the customer can make. Add up to 5 variant categories per product (e.g. meal size, toppings).

Different Online Shopping Experiences

E-Commerce stores feature both "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons and variant selections pop-ups.

F&B stores only have "Add to Cart" buttons (because buyers usually purchase more than 1 product), variants are displayed directly on the product page and customers can add remarks on each product (e.g. allergies).

Stock Alerts for Buyers

E-Commerce stores feature stock alert banners on individual products when their stock goes below 10 units.

On F&B stores, products only display as available or out of stock.

Purchases Outside of
Business Hours

E-Commerce stores allow buyers to place orders outside of business hours (but not holidays) to be fulfilled during your next operating hours.

F&B stores do not allow buyers to place orders outside of your business hours.

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