Optimized for restaurant and retailers

Zaapi e-commerce website supports them all no matter your business type. Retails, wholesales, restaurants, etc.

Free e-commerce website
Free e-commerce website
Add unlimited products
Add unlimited products
Sales Reports
Sales Reports
Stock Management
Stock Management
CRM System
CRM System
Payment Methods
Payment Methods
Order Creation
Order Creation
Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging
All of these great features are built into all Zaapi e-commerce websites. Of course, they're free and ready to turn your site into converting machine.

Create your free e-commerce website within seconds!

Create free website with just a click!

Create your free e-commerce website, add products, and start selling.

Create promotions and share discount codes

Get real-time notifications when an order is placed.

Share your shop link on social media

Share your shop link on social media and discount codes to your customers.

Free e-commerce website

Features for FnB Businesses

Our features support FnB businesses, allowing shop owners to set their opening hours and delivery distance as they wish. Plus, Zaapi does not charge any commission fees.
why create e-commerce site with Zaapi
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Conversion boosting features

Add products and variants

Add an unlimited number of products

Add as many product variants and categories as you want.

Customize product details

Customize product details with bold, italic, left-aligned, or right-aligned to make it easier for your customers to read product information.

Create and manage categories

Organize your online store with the product category menu.

Add sub-categories

Add as many variants (colors, sizes etc.) as you wish.

Sales Reports

Visualize sales data

Get accurate daily, weekly and monthly sales reports. Visualize your sales data and pull insights to grow your business.

Get real-time sales updates

Retrieve your sales report from the Zaapi application anytime, anywhere.

Get performance reports to optimize stock management

Gain insights into your best-selling products to help you plan and manage inventory better.

Stock Management System

Automated stock management

System automatically manages your inventory after an item is placed.

No more stockouts

Manage your inventory and prevent stock outs.

Get real-time stock updates

Show real-time stock updates on your website.

CRM System

Manage customer information within the app

Stores customer data automatically.

Can access database anytime, anywhere

Download customer data directly from the app.

Unlimited access to customers database

No access expiration – can access customer data anytime.

Get notifications via SMS and LINE

Automatic Notification System

Get instant notifications when an orderis placed.

LINE Notification

Notify your customers of their order status via LINE bot.


SMS free of charge.

Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

You can now make payments with credit card, debit card, PromptPay,  Bill Payment, TrueMoney Wallet, Rabbit LINE pay and many more!.


We've partnered with leading online payment platforms to enable merchants to receive payments from their customers in a simple and secure way.


Your customers will receive payment information only after you have confirmed their order, so you don't have to worry about sharing your personal bank details online.

Manual Order Creation

Reduce transaction time

Your customers won't need to waste their time looking for the products as order creation will select the products for them.

Faster to close sales

As this order creation would only include the products to be sold, the transaction time will be reduced. The customers will no longer need to browse for the products they want. All they have to do is fill out the address and make a payment.

Add products and manage discounts in one order

Adding products to order creation is very easy. You can select from the existing product list or add an entire new product here, as well. Discount can also be created and applied during the process.

Unified Messaging

Unify all conversations from Facebook, Instagram and LINE

With only one click, all chats from all platforms will be pulled into the app to be managed. Say good bye to switching between apps.

Manage conversations with buyers in an effective way

Not only the chats will be put in one place, they can also be categorized so you can know which sources they are from.

Easy to chat with buyers and no more missing out on them

This features allows you to create a filter to have an overview on the status of the conversations so you know which ones need follow ups or which ones are waiting to be sealed.

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