Return and Refund Policy

Are there any costs in building a free website with Zaapi?

Questions and answers: Create an ecommerce website with Zaapi, are there any additional costs or fees?.

Return and Refund Policy of Zaapi

Is Zaapi really FREE?

According to our FAQ many users have inquired. There are quite a few users who asked us whether building a website with Zaapi is really free or not, so are there any hidden costs? And will there be any future charges?

In this page, we'd like to go over the service fees in greater detail. We reassure you that creating a website with Zaapi for selling online is free today, and always will be!

Service Fee
Free Ecommerce Website for Retail Stores
Always Free!
Free Ecommerce Website for Restaurants
Always Free!
CRM System
Always Free!
Stock Management System
Always Free!
Real-Time Sales Report System
Always Free!
Unlimited Inventory
Always Free!
Mobile Banking Payment Gateway Fee*
15 THB per transaction
Promptpay QR Payment Gateway Fee*
Bill Payment Payment Gateway Fee*
Digital Wallet Payment Gateway Fee*
1.5% - 3.2%
Debit and Credit Card Payment Gateway Fee*
3.2% - 3.5%
Payout fee for transaction under 50,000 THB
20 THB
Payout fee for transaction above 50,000 THB
Customizable Domain Name
Coming Soon
Customizable Templates
Coming Soon
Delivery System for Restaurants
Coming Soon
Delivery System for Retail Stores
Coming Soon
Live Streaming Social Commerce
Coming Soon
Marketplace Sync
Coming Soon
Digital Advertising Services
Coming Soon
POS Services
Coming Soon
*Payment Gateway Fee is subject to 7% VAT from the fee amount

Users of our service will notice that creating a Zaapi website store is completely free! Some additional services from our partners can invoke charges, however that allows us to deliver valuable new features for all of our customers!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us at the address listed below.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with services on Zaapi, please feel free to report your problems by shaking your phone in the Zaapi app!

Last Updated: 11 March 2022