Benefit of using Unified Messaging

Have you ever encountered the problems which you forgot to reply your customers' messages because there were too many conversions going on on different platforms? This feature will throw this issue out of the window by putting chats from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and LINE official to be managed in one place. No more missing out on potention sale. Just connect the three mentioned platforms with Zaapi!

Start using the feature

1. Click on chat menu and connect with Facebook

When on Zaapi, select the fourth tap from the left (Chats) then click on Connect with Facebook. Follow and finish up the permission allowance process to complete the integration

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2. Click on store

When on Zaapi, select the fifth tap from the left (Store) then click Chat integration. Select the platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, and LINE Official, you would like to link with to complete the integration.

If you’re unable to connect your Instagram account because of a pop-up saying 'Allow Access to Messages'

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One of the best free Unified Messaging Program

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Arrange the social platforms to manage conversations easily

Conversations can be arranged according to the platforms on which they are. Users can also choose to see conversations from all platforms as well. Moreover, users will be notified when customers initiate a conversation.

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Make a remark seamlessly

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Manage order status with Unified Messaging

Identify the status of each order with only one glance. This will help the users to focus only on the on-going conversation. You can manage each customer's status while chatting, by clicking the arrow on the upper right corner and select the quick menu.

  1. Mute the notification: No more chit chat with this person!
  2. Pending: In the packing and delivery process.
  3. Complete: Done and done. Items are delivered.

Or manage order status by Swiping

Swipe left on the chat you would like to edit the status to reveal the options.

  1. More: When clicked on, two more options will reveal which are mute notification and change to read.
  2. Pending: In the packing and delivery process.
  3. Complete: Done and done. Items are delivered.
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Zaapi Dot

Closing deals with the In-Chat Checkout

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unified chat social commerce

Manually Create New Order within the Chat

After the buyer accepts the order and provides their delivery address, paying within the chat is simple. A new order button will immediately be created for the merchant. (If you can't find the button, select the Create New Order Menu by clicking the + button at the bottom left of the screen.)

Customize the new order in the way you want

After clicking the "Create Order" button. The program will launch a new window for the shop owner to quickly choose the items that customers want to purchase for collation. Following this, click the Create Link button. The link will be automatically given to the customer

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unified chat social commerce 3

Customer Pay Within the Chat

After receiving the link from the store owner. All of the order's details will be visible to the customer including the full cost. Additionally, a button to select payment channels will be shown, easy-peasy for instant payment.

Fraud Prevention

The backend technology of Zaapi will automatically identify fake slips after the transaction. Following that, the balance will be instantly credited to the merchant's Zaapi Wallet account.

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Use all features at full potential while chatting

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Use all features there is to seal the deal

While conversing with the buyers, try to make use of all the features to convince the buyers and hasten up the transaction. Click on "+" on the lower left corner. The menu will pop up as follow:

  • Send files
  • Create new order for this customer, so buyers can pay right away from the link sharing
  • Share products directly in chat
  • Send discount codes or share store link to the buyers
  • Send Store Link
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