Adding products on your website

Select Products at the bottom menu

To add a product

1. Select Create new product at the middle of the screen, or

2. Select the Add Product icon at the top right corner

Adding a new product and product description

Creating / Adding a Product

1. Upload a Product Image
2. Add a Product Name
3. To help your customers understand the product and you to sell better, add a Product Description. You can edit and adjust the text of your product description as you like.

Creating a category

Creating a

To help your customers navigate better, create or choose a Product Category. You can select as many categories for one product as you like.

1. Select an existing category, or
2. Create another category

Set a price and set your stock count

Choose a unit of your product

Adding variants

1. If you have many variants of the same product, select the + Add Variants button.

2. Select or create a new Variant Category. These variants can be, but not limited to, size or color.

Add Delivery Profile

Add Product

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