Add unlimited number of products

Just adding products is not enough. Zaapi also helps you manage your inventory efficiently. by detecting the number of products automatically every time after having an order Saves you from having to spend time updating products on the website every day.

Adding products on your website

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Select Products at the bottom menu

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To add a product

  1. Select Create new product at the middle of the screen, or
  2. Select the Add Product icon at the top right corner.

Adding a new product and product description

Creating / Adding a Product

  1. Upload a Product Image
  2. Add a Product Name
  3. To help your customers understand the product and you to sell better, add a Product Description. You can edit and adjust the text of your product description as you like.

Creating a category

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Creating a category

To help your customers navigate better, create or choose a Product Category. You can select as many categories for one product as you like.

  1. Select an existing category, or
  2. Create another category
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Set a price and set your stock count

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Choose a unit of your product

Adding variants

If you have many variants of the same product, select the + Add Variants button.

2. Select or create a new Variant Category. These variants can be, but not limited to, size or color.

Shipping method

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Add Delivery Profile

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Add Product

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