Leverage Zaapi to grow your business

We have sales reporting system, membership system, order creation system. promotion system make good use of everything to make your website the best Then start promoting your store on your online channels: Facebook, LINE, Instagram, Twitter and anywhere else you can think of. to push sales to reach the target

Sharing your online store link

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Select Home at the bottom menu.

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Select Share to copy or share your online store link.

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You can share this link to as many sales channels as you like. With the copied link, an automatic text is created to make it faster and easier for you to share.

1. You can share the copied link directly with your customers, or

2. Through other social media platforms simply by pressing the application icon.

Zaapi is a full-featured online shopping site that's not just a free one. It is a website that puts all the needs of an online store in the palm of your hand.

Create a free website with Zaapi that comes with the most complete features. and has a team of Thai people to give advice.

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