Manual Order Creation

Create an order for your customers and send the link to them to complete the transaction on your website where they only need to fill out their addresses and make a payment right away!

Benefits of Manual Order Creation Feature

Order creation is developed to shorten the transaction time. For the repeated buyers, the only thing that they need to do is to pay. Moreover, this feature helps you add products more easily. Existing products can be added to the order creation or new products can be created and added as well. Discounts can also be applied and calculated for them in an instance.

In short, with this feature, links from order creation can just be sent to the buyers and have them pay without having to go through steps, leading to higher sales!

How to use

Getting Started

Navigate to Orders menu and create an order by clicking on the icon + at the upper corner

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Creating Order

Select Add Products to add already-in-stock items to your manual order. Alternatively, if you want to add new products to create orders that can be customized right away, you can do so by selecting Add Custom Product

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Adding Products

When the product is added, you can click on the + or - sign to add or reduce the item amount to create an order. When the product and amount are selected, click Add at the upper right corner

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Easily applying a discount

Once the product is selected, you can click on the product to apply a discount.

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Customizing Discount

You can choose the discount type as a fix amount or percentage on the discount window. Click Confirm
when you are done.

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Setting up delivery options and more

(7) To create orders for a buyers, you can select the existing buyers in your database. Also, you can create orders for new buyers or leave them blank for the buyers to fill out.

(8) You can put notes for drivers or send notes for yourself as reminders

(9) To create a discount for the order, click Add Discount below. This code will not overwrite the existing ones but will be added on top of the them.

  • For example, if the existing discount was 20 Baht and you added another discount of 20 Baht,
    the buyers would receive the total discount of 40 Baht

(10) When the details are reviewed, click Confirm and Create Link to send to the buyers or Save as Draft to save and edit later.

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Ready to go

Link is successfully copied to Clipboard. Ready to be sent to the buyers!

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