10 Great And Successful Ways To Promote Your Ecommerce Store

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June 6, 2022

It is not difficult to promote your ecommerce store. Follow the ten successful ways covered above, and you will undoubtedly enjoy higher traffic and numerous conversions!

Launching an ecommerce store is daunting, but what comes after you have successfully established one? First, you need to increase visibility by promoting your website. 

As an owner, you should aim to use simple ways to promote your store. Additionally, these methods should help you prioritize your time and marketing budget. 

As a result, you can enjoy running an ecommerce store with the best returns.

Here are ten remarkable and successful ways to promote your ecommerce store, especially to an Asian audience:

Enhance Social Presence

People in South East Asian countries love to socialize. They make purchasing decisions through the influence of friends and family members. Therefore, one of the ways to promote your web store is to enhance your social presence. You should create social media pages and ensure they are connected to your ecommerce store. Stores benefit from the digital engagement that ultimately increases their visitors. 

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in Thailand and the neighboring countries. Therefore, you can get more engagement and market your store through dedicated Instagram posts, stories, and shout-outs.

Avenues like Facebook allow online stores to connect with their audience on a personal level. Therefore, regular posts on different platforms will ultimately place your ecommerce store on a different level.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires tinkering with different aspects of your website to enhance its ranking on search results. Unfortunately, this method can often put many store owners into trouble, where they fall into the trap of too much technicality. 

However, SEO optimization is an excellent method in the hands of a skilled store owner. First, focus on what your user needs and ensure that your store guides them in finding what they need. Then, you can use these keywords and optimize your website content accordingly.

When you ensure that your store’s online content matches well with what your visitors are looking for, you will see enhanced customer engagement. It will also translate into better conversion rates. It would help if you also focused on using relevant meta tags. They tell search engines about the information present on web pages. As a result, the algorithm ranks your website and its assets according to the most suitable keywords and search terms. 

For example, write relevant meta descriptions for your store’s pages and enjoy increased website traffic. Thanks to this, users will see this information when searching on Google. 

Additionally, they will make an informed decision to visit your ecommerce store for their buying needs.

Run Ads

Southeast Asia, including Thailand, is a competitive region for most online stores. Therefore, new businesses must create a breakthrough in such a hotly contested environment. Hence, they must use Google and social media ads to develop the initial brand exposure for ecommerce stores.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a helpful method for promoting a new ecommerce store. It will also help the store get organic improvements when different people would keep visiting the website in the future.

Google ads and ads on different social media websites will successfully enhance your brand presence. In addition, they will help you secure those first hundred customers that you need to break even in your online business.

However, it would help if you researched relevant keywords before launching an SEM campaign. Then, make sure that you know the most suitable keywords to optimize your marketing budget. Still, you can make the required changes to ensure that your SEM campaigns produce optimal returns.

Run Ads
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Use Email Marketing

Collect email addresses across all your avenues, including store customers and physical visitors. As a result, you will have plenty of authentic email ids after a few months. 

Then, you can create a dedicated email marketing campaign to target prospects, previous clients, and industry stakeholders.

Email marketing is also a great strategy if you are taking your brick-and-mortar store online. Just offer a discount to your previous customers over the medium. Consequently, they will visit your online store, organically promoting it on Google. For example, offer a 10% discount for people using the code sent in the promotional email. It will increase engagement and help you continue to enhance your email marketing efforts. Ideally, you can use the reverse strategy, too.

Mention a discount on your ecommerce store for people willing to share their email addresses. Just make sure that they can only get the discount after opening the email. It will ensure that they use legitimate email addresses, allowing you to develop your email marketing lists further.

Form Strategic Partnerships

If you sell fashion jewelry in your ecommerce store, it is a great choice to work with clothing brands. Talk to them and offer them to provide jewelry for their shoots against an online mention. As a result, you will get an excellent boost for your online store. Brands can create strategic partnerships with other ecommerce stores. For example, you can post links to another store on your website for a similar favor. 

In addition, businesses can follow the same practice on their social media pages, giving friendly mentions to each other.

Remember, this method works successfully only if you choose suitable partners. A good choice is to select local Asian brands that sell well in countries like Thailand. 

Any opportunity to work with them will provide you with the benefits of enhanced brand exposure. 

Employ Multiple Selling Channels

Why remain limited to only a fixed ecommerce store! Instead, use multiple selling channels like Amazon and others while mentioning your online shop everywhere. As a result, you will enjoy a greater audience resulting in increased revenue. Southeast Asian markets can be volatile, and using multiple channels will protect you against downtime. Marketplaces like Ladaza and Shopee are significant for this purpose since they attract an audience from all parts of the world. 

However, international visitors may not be the best prospects if you offer a local solution. Multiple channels give you access to varied audiences suitable for promoting different product categories of ecommerce stores.  As a result, you will enjoy brand awareness and will ultimately want more visitors to your website and social media pages.

Participate In Online Discussions

Ecommerce stores can enhance visitors by participating in different online discussions on forums and social media websites. 

Additionally, you can leverage your expertise to engage with enthusiasts on a popular discussion forum. Meaning, you can promote your online shop without pushing it on people. Many businesses hold online events, too. Hence, they also represent excellent opportunities to connect with a relevant business audience. While webinars or virtual conferences may require additional time, they are incredibly suitable to promote your ecommerce store.

Run A Blog

Content marketing is one of the prime ways of attracting an online audience. Therefore, running a blog with your online shop is an excellent idea. You don’t need to be a creative writer to write your blog posts. You need to select your topics based on your products and create genuine content around them. These are the topics that your prospects and customers are struggling with. Answer these concerns, and you will double your customer conversion rate. 

A great practice is to create a chart of your prospects’ pain points. You can then develop topics around them to offer solutions through your offered products and services. As a result, these blogs will direct users to different product pages. 

Use Influencers

Social influencers are great for marketing fashion and lifestyle products. People like Patchrapa Chai and Bam Bam have an excellent online audience and can promote your ecommerce store into the limelight. Alternatively, you can also get influencers with a limited but more direct audience in your city or geographic area. They will mention your online shop for a fee, but it will also benefit your business.

People will feel connected to your brand as long as their favorite celebrity is promoting it. However, always ensure that your selected influencers have the same target audience as you desire.  As a result, you will enjoy the maximum benefit of hiring social influencers.

Social Influencers
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Ask For Product Reviews

Want to build trust and bring in repeat customers? Ask for product reviews! These reviews on your ecommerce store show a history of people buying your products with complete satisfaction. New store visitors will always seek to read product reviews. However, they will quickly find if you post fake reviews. Therefore, a great way to populate these reviews is to ask your customers to leave them online.

You can promote leaving reviews by offering discounts on the following buying session. It will increase your number of reviews and repeat customers. However, always ensure that your efforts are not affecting your bottom line – to make a profit. Keep in mind that visitors won’t be swayed by a review or two. Instead, they love to see multiple reviews that mention different aspects of the offered products and services. Hence, make sure that the posted reviews don’t seem too robotic.


When it comes to promoting your ecommerce store in Southeast Asia, it is essential to use many ways to tackle the competition. First, make sure that you solve the pain points of your target audience and focus on user-generated content (UGC).

Follow the ten successful ways covered above, and you will undoubtedly enjoy higher traffic and numerous conversions!

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