Why Is Zaapi Perfect For Mobile Commerce?

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June 6, 2022

many M-commerce apps are currently driving the market, not all of them are efficient. Certain capabilities help your app get more customer engagement, and Zaapi provides you with all of those features.

Shopping used to be an extreme sport back in the days. But now, with mobile commerce apps like Zaapi, you can have your favorite stores at your fingertips, and that's not even an exaggeration. You can do a little tapping on your phone, and everything you need will be in your cart. 

M-commerce is the newest trend in the eCommerce industry, and it is expected to grow 68% by 2022. It has completely revolutionized eCommerce for businesses. Now people can conveniently make transactions using their mobile devices. 

While many M-commerce apps are currently driving the market, not all of them are efficient. Certain capabilities help your app get more customer engagement, and Zaapi provides you with all of those features. 

It will help you manage your ecommerce store conveniently and rack up substantial profit. Moreover, it can change the lives of retailers and their consumers. 

In this article, we will help you understand why is Zaapi perfect for Mobile Commerce. 

What is Mobile Commerce?

Before diving into facts about how Zaapi, let's first help you have a clear understanding of M-commerce. Mobile commerce or m-commerce involves carrying out business activities directly through mobile devices across the internet. For instance, you could use tablets or smartphones to access an M-commerce platform. This allows M-commerce platforms to give a perfect online shopping experience.

Mobile devices are quite prevalent, making m-commerce an important element for the success of any business nowadays. People prefer doing business over mobile phones instead of traditional computers. This is made evident by the fact that around 39% of all eCommerce purchases were made using smartphones during the 2020 holiday season.

So, there is no doubt that businesses can substantially benefit from optimizing their sites to display and function efficiently on their customers' mobile devices. This era is all about making things accessible for people since when every good and product stays in the approach of the individuals at all times, customers are inclined to shop more often. That's the reason mobile ecommerce has gained so much popularity. It allows the customers to shop more in less time, helping businesses grow more. 

With the increasing ownership of tablets and smartphones, the market sees an increased demand for mobile applications for eCommerce and mobile-friendly websites. Zappy is an excellent resource to help you create and maintain both. With compelling m-commerce features, it can help you approach this leading marketing and selling method that will help boost your business's sales. Moreover, the shopping process, payment, and product delivery become more smooth and seamless with Zappy.

Zaapi Helps You Tackle Challenges Of App Development

The new generation is more adaptive and becomes accustomed to modern ways more conveniently. However, they are also not fond of complex interfaces and functionalities. If they don't understand something, they switch to another app instead. 

When companies start to work on their app development, they try to create something unique. But, unfortunately, they over-engineer and complicate beyond customer comprehension in an attempt to do that. Sometimes it even becomes difficult for the retailer to understand the data collected by the app. As a result, the app's upkeep can become hectic, tedious, and time-consuming. 

You might have the urge to layer your app with AI and augmented reality technology, but that will only make the app's infrastructure more complex. Then you will have to set up separate classes for people to understand its technicalities. 

However, even if you want to add some advanced features to your app, introduce them gradually as several updates. At its initial release, keep it as creative but straightforward as possible. Then, wait until people get the hang of it before introducing more features, leading to a more sophisticated model.

Tackle Challenges of App Development
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Take the example of Sephora. They launched their mobile app in 2010. Then, it had minimal features that enhanced the shopping experience, such as scanning products to read ratings and reviews. But now, it has features like machine learning and augmented reality to assist users in picking the right products based on their skin type. This has created a sense of high trust leading to a loyal customer base of 25 million.  

Businesses usually face one big challenge in mobile commerce: the mobile monetization gap. People tend to browse on the app but don't purchase the product. For example, 75% of people visited stores last holiday season and window shopped, but only around 40% converted to a sale. One reason for this is the complexity of the app design. 

Intelligent retailers incorporate AI and other advanced technologies to convert visitors into purchasers. 

The next challenge that retailers usually face is the pain of checking out. Some apps have such a complex check-out process that they get frustrated and exit the app when consumers come to it. You can solve this trouble by making the pain-point of check-out less overwhelming with saved payment information or mobile payment set-ups.

Zaapi helps you tackle against all these challenges. You can use it to develop an app that makes m-commerce effortless for you and your customers. It will hardly take a few minutes for you to set up your online store and start selling your products. 

Any business can download this app and set up their ecommerce store for free in just a few clicks. It has a very manageable and user-friendly interface. Many users have confirmed it to be one of the most straightforward ecommerce apps to use. You and your customers won't find any complexity in any of its features or interface. And the best part is, it hardly has any limitations.  

Benefits Of Setting Up Mobile Commerce With Zaapi

Zaapi helps large-scale businesses become more responsive and gives a competitive advantage to small-scale companies. And since the number of people using smartphones is growing, the marketplace is becoming better and better for m-commerce businesses with each passing year. 

Easy Set-Up

Zaapi helps you reach your customers' mobile phones in a few simple steps. All you have to do is install the app, create your free m-commerce website, add your products and start selling. Instead of going through the whole web development process to set up your ecommerce store that can take as long as 12 months, you can install Zaapi and become a seller the next minute. Moreover, you won't have to deal with bugs usually discovered in web development.

Effortless Order Management

Managing online orders is the biggest hassle for businesses, and Zaapi provides an efficient solution for that. But, unfortunately, they cannot timely respond to their buyers because they aren't notified about the order placement. However, if you opt for Zaapi to set up your store, it will inform the seller every time an order is placed.

Besides notifying you, it also helps keep your customers in the loop about the order status. Your customers will automatically receive a text or LINE message whenever you change the status.  

You will find a tab for orders in your Zaapi app, where all your orders are listed. You can either accept or reject the new orders that you receive. Moreover, it allows you to mark the order as paid when the payment is delivered to you. It will also provide a tab to add the courier service and tracking number details. 

A Shareable Link To Your Online Store

Once you're done setting up your online store with Zaapi, it provides you with a link that you can share on social media platforms to drive more traffic to your store. As more people interact with the link, the chances of your product selling more become brighter. 

Delivery Setting

Zaapi enables you to set a specific radius for your delivery service. It will provide you with three different delivery methods that you will choose according to your business model. The three main method options are shipping, local delivery, and local pickup

Create A Catalogue With Unlimited Products

With Zaapi, you don't have to count the products you set up in your app store. Instead, you can add products along with product names, descriptions, and pictures. Also, define the product's category to make it easier for your customers to navigate. Then add a price to the product, and it will be ready to be posted in your catalog along with other products. 

Better User Experience

Zaapi m-commerce helps you keep customers at the absolute center of the shopping journey with its seamless browsing experience. It enables you to create a better user experience, a significant factor in the m-commerce industry. They can conveniently navigate the store and get to their desired products without any hassle. 

This platform further allows you to set up your store with a clean interface and functionalities that you find relevant for your customers. When your customers have a smooth user experience, you will get better conversion rates and increased income.

Zaapi makes your m-commerce store: 

  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Exclusive
  • Interactive

Send Discount Codes And Promotions

One tried and tested strategy to boost your sales is providing discounts to your customers. Zaapi equips you with the feature to create discount codes and promotions. There are two types of discount codes that you can give your customers. The users will have to apply the discount code while placing the orders in the first type. On the other hand, the second type of discount code is used automatically when the user adds the item to their cart. Zaapi will send out notifications for these discounts to your customers when they get eligible for one.  


Once you have understood the prevalence of mobile commerce, you will appreciate how Zaapi is the leading platform for your m-commerce store. It offers you and your customers the kind of convenience and efficiency that every business owner dreams of. 

You cannot avoid this opportunity to up your sales and enhance your business. Visit our website to know more about Zaapi and its features. 

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