Case Study: VCommon and Zaapi

Published on
April 5, 2023

How Zaapi has helped VCOMMON with doubling its e-commerce store score

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Key Topics of Interest:

  • Online Business Challenge: Tools to Optimize Response Rate
  • Experience Using Zaapi

Key Takeaways:

  • Zaapi enables its sellers to close more sales faster.
  • VCommon with the chat integrations managed to improve the store score from 30% to 70%.
  • The effectiveness of Shopee chat responses boosted VCommon’s visibility as a top seller.
  • Zaapi has a dedicated team to take care of your shop’s needs and add new features to promote the shop at a cheaper price.

"As we are shooting for an additional 2-3 million baht per month, we need to invest in technology that helps us with closing sales faster," says Bob, the Sales Manager at VCommon CO., LTD.

As the e-commerce industry has become increasingly competitive, e-commerce sellers are always looking for solutions that help to boost their sales. In the vast e-commerce market in Thailand, VCommon stands out as a large brand that offers a wide variety of products. VCommon receives over 10,000 orders a month through Facebook Page and Shopee, which presents challenges in managing a large number of sales and customers.

Today, Mr. Bob, the Sales Manager at VCommon, shared his insights with Zaapi about how e-commerce sellers can overcome the challenges encountered in setting up their e-commerce business.

To start an online business, after having an idea of what to sell, the next step is to identify a sales channel. Nowadays, there are many platforms available that every business can consider to maximize the number of customers they can acquire and their sales opportunities.

Apart from the cost of branding on online sales platforms and the cost of goods sold, the largest cost in doing e-commerce is advertising cost, followed by customer service expenses which always go hand in hand. Incoming messages on their sales channels need to be answered promptly, and the team must be able to respond within a limited timeframe to close their sales quickly. If the store is unable to respond to customer queries promptly, sales opportunities may be lost, no matter how much effort is put into advertising. Therefore, customer chat response speeds are crucial.

chat integration
Bob, the Sales Manager at VCOMMON CO., LTD.

How did VCommon start using Zaapi?

VCommon sells its products on various online channels, with a particular focus on Shopee and Facebook Page. Managing customer chats from multiple sales channels was a challenge for VCommon. When VCommon received nearly 500 messages per day from customers, Sales Manager Mr. Bob saw the need for a tool to help VCommon with handling these messages conveniently and effectively.

After trying out different chat integration systems, VCommon chose Zaapi as Zaapi helped the store score improve from 30-40% to almost 70%

The response rate on Shopee not only measures response speeds but also reflects the availability of store service, which can significantly impact purchase decisions. By connecting accounts from all channels used to sell products on Zaapi, VCommon can now respond to chats faster and more conveniently from a single screen.

Improving store ratings on Shopee brings many advantages, such as increased visibility, better ranking on search results, and the support of a sales team to help take care of the store. VCommon receives special offers when the platform offers new features, ultimately leading to increased sales growth.


Zaapi is a chat integration system that helps e-commerce businesses respond to their chats faster and more efficiently, leading to an improved store rating and greater customer experience. By consolidating all chats from multiple sales channels into one dashboard, Zaapi streamlines chat management for the e-commerce business. The system is free and can be used on various devices, including iOS and Android smartphones as well as computers.

To learn more about Zaapi or to contact the sales team, you may kindly call the following numbers:
+66 96-740-2893 - Pleum
+66 93-494-5325 - Gift

English Translation by: Magnus Chew

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